Last DAY of school!!

Yesterday was my daughter's last day of school. She has finished 7th grade and will be moving on to 8th grade. I was at school from 7:30 a.m. until almost 4. I was pooped. The kids were just nuts! I had to take my meds to even be in the same building!! I was helping out the other "mommies" do the graduation stuff, feed, clean and decorate. I tell you it was some rough work!

I finally got to meet my daughter's boyfriend. He's cute. They are both cute. I took him home, then to my house, then to the mall, then back to his house. Umm...I guess in the mix of everything, he forgot his trombone in my car. My husband is still having a hard time talking about the boyfriend. He would rather we call it her "special friend." I don't understand??

Anyhow, my sister-in-law came over last night. She dropped off her dead beat ex boyfriend at the bus stop because he is supposed to go to Kansas City. I don't know why, but she let's him live with her, feed him, etc. She pays for everything because the bum doesn't have a job, no car, etc. He is a compulsive liar too. She keeps justifying why she keeps letting him stay, because she can't kick him out - he has no one else [is what she keeps saying?] well - maybe he should stay in Kansas City with his family?? for thought? But no. Then there was some thought that he might be abusing her dog. Her dog is cute, furry and very jumpy - like a cat. Hee:) I groom her all the time. But all of a sudden - she became very afraid, skiddish, etc. But my sister-in-law can't believe that he would do such a thing, but I can. He lies about everything. Why not this? But the dog was fine when she was at our house, played with our dogs, ran everywhere, wagging her tail. Who knows?

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