Anxious, Stressed??

Inhale, exhale . . . No we are not talking about me, right? OMGish [is that even a word?] but as I see how grown up my daughter has become, it kind of scares me, but it is also a relief. I'm not sure how to explain. I hope that I am a good parent to her and that she has learned good values and will one day be a mother herself...very much later in life [of course!]. I feel the need to talk to a friend, but I can't seem to get a hold of anyone. To really express how I am here I am sitting, blogging away, hoping that I will feel better after I say a couple of ramblings and log off, right? Goodness, I just hope and pray!

My neck, back . . . let's just say everything has been hurting. I should be resting, but I am not. I should not be outside, but I am. All these things that I know I should not be doing, I am doing. So of course . . . there are consequences. But why am I doing them, especially since I know that it will be bad for me? Is this punishment or slow torture? Could be a little of both.

I can't relax to save myself, no matter how much I laugh it off or whatever, but I want to...I just want to let my worries go . . . and sleep in slumber.

My husband knows that I have been very stressed. He put out all of my medications already for tomorrow morning because he is planning on riding his motorcycle so I won't have a hard time getting all that stuff together.

Okay I am psycho. I keep asking my daughter numerous questions. Am I just being a giddy girlfriend? But we all know that I can't handle it if she had to tell me something I didn't want to hear.

I need to get away, FAR away!!

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