Note to Self: Don't have Children; especially girls!

When did things change? Okay, my daughter is 13, she has an "official" boyfriend. She had the guts to tell her dad, so I believe she is responsible enough to have this "official" boyfriend. Well, I got a call this evening from this boy's mother. My daughter and I went over to his house to drop off his trombone. But she said that I had invited her son to my house tomorrow. I said...well I thought the kids were just going to the pool. She had mentioned how this was all new to her...and I was thinking to myself this is VERY new to me. I went over there and had a discussion with his mommy, while our two children sat in between us in the kitchen. As if they were going to get married. She asked ten million questions, I thought I was the queen of questions. I was so ready to leave. Not only did they live in a huge home, but had left their garage doors open so that we can see that they have very expensive cars. My husband felt like I was trying to impress someone...I wasn't. But I guess...well I didn't want to come off as a young, immature woman either. Who was so reckless to wreck their son's life. Apparently, she asked questions about how athletic and intellectual she was. OMG, are they getting married? I don't even know if they even held hands yet? We just asked the boy to the pool.

Then, I got talked to by another father. Same day. One of her girlfriends that we have known since they were in pre-school was over. She slept over too. Actually, we had a cookout at their house yesterday. He - the father, felt that I was undermining his authority. Yes, this day could get worse.

Anyways, I got burned, my head aches...and well, there isn't much left to this body of mine, but I took a ton of drugs for tonight.

The maturity of this so-called "relationship" might kill me. I think it is very cute. I just want them to enjoy their childhood. They seem very cute together. Let's see how much more I can survive.

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