Okay, my husband has not taken his anti - depressants for the day and basically had a VERY short temper. To the point of destroying our flat screen tv. Yes, he get crazy. He always breaks the expensive stuff I just paid the sucker off too which pisses me off BIG time. But what am I to do now?

He was mad for numerous things:

1) he claims that I yelled at him for turning off the DVD player in the middle of my movie, which I did do.

2) that our daughter has done none of her chores and went over to a friends house; oh and he tried to slide in there that I am encouraging her "boyfriend" relationship. Okay, even if I could call it a boyfriend relationship, they are more like pals than anything.

3) I finally told him why I let his sister come over earlier. She has been having troubles with her ex-boyfriend, a/k/a LAZY bum. He apparently was supposed to go to Kansas City, but ended up getting arrested and brought to the Aurora jail for an outstanding warrant for a DUI/ I said how can he get a DUI when he doesn't even have a car? Apparently, maybe it was when he had a car? We have no idea - compulsive LIAR.

My husband went over to my sister-in-law's place and we have been calling her, but she has not been answering. We don't know why or what? But she knows that we are supposed to come over to get the TV to bring back here. But as I have let my husband know more about the situation, he's PISSED, to say the least. I hope she's okay and isn't hurt -- b/c she always picks up her cell phone or if she misses it, she'll call right back.

I have yet to hear from my daughter who is at a girlfriend's house, just hanging. My daughter wants to go to Water World and we are trying to make it happen. But we'll see how this all works out. I thought a mass of her friends could come along or we could just have me and the bf's mom as chaparones with our kids there?? I don't know...I'm not sure of anything anymore. Who knows if this relationship will outlast the summer? Although, I can see it being pretty cool to start the new year off, as where it ended. So I assume - she's taken. She thinks the school dances are gay, but maybe the Night at the Rec might be more interesting??

I just want to see her happy and enjoying her time :)

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Janine said...

im not sure why you put up with the the hell your husband is putting u through and ur daughter is a teen all you should be worried about it her happiness and make ur husband replace the tv his dumb ass broke it