What would be considered NORMAL?

I'm not sure what is considered normal anymore. I have my own thoughts of normalcy, but things do happen, and not in order mind you. There is no such thing (well I guess there can be) only in the movies, right?

I have been having this neverending headache!! I took lots of vicodin/vicoprofen today, got my rest, didn't really get out of bed. So I am not sure why I keep having it!! I want it to go away. It almost feels like I have been crying a lot, but the weird thing is that I haven't cried lately??

I am calling my husband [in between me writing] just to make sure everything is dandy. But he isn't answering? What's up with that? I left a voicemail. I am not sure if I should call my daughter yet because I don't have a car to pick her up in - umm...cause my hubby took it to get my tv from my sister's place. ugh! Goodness, I hope he is okay.

I am calling a good friend to help me calm down a little. I think that I am overacting? Right?

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