Who knew you could lose enough blood from a bloody nose to need a transfusion?? Apparently, that happens. I haven't been feeling too well, losing lots of blood lately to the point...well I can't move, I'm tired and just not happy. I have been in a lot of pain. More than usual. Well I guess there is no real way of explaining. But I have come to think of myself as a complainer. As I complain about my life, my pain, my short comings. What else is left?

Life is complicated by so many details. Why do I care about details? I have no idea...because most people don't. Why can't life just be simple...loving and well I don't know...

I have been unbearable lately. To my husband, my daughter, to my family. I just need a break. Money is always an issue, but I am not even thinking of that right now. I just want peace.

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