Weather Changes

The weather has officially changed. It definitely has affected me and how much I have been doing. I just can't do things that I would love to do or even just get things done that I regularly do. I feel my bones are aching. My feet have had some upset spasms.

What does life really have to offer? I wanted and tried so hard to be here at this moment and what am I really doing? I know that I have been told that it is because my family will need me. I know that my family could survive. I always get so depressed during times when I don't feel well and this is just an extension of how I am feeling.

I am still awaiting the decision on disability. But it definitely sounded from their own expert that there wasn't a chance that I could be turned down. I guess I should be hopeful. I'm a young person on the outside, but from within...I feel like I'm 80 years old.

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